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Characterize and classify microorganisms for infectious disease, crop sciences, or environmental impact assessments.

Let's Talk About Metagenomics

What is Metagenomics?

Metagenomics is the study of genetic material from microorganisms in heterogeneous samples.

Current metagenomic sequencing methods can characterize and classify bacteria, fungi, and viruses coexisting in an environment.

Why is Studying Metagenomics Important?


Classification and characterization of microbiota can lead to genetic targets for therapeutics, non-hazardous pesticides, and beneficial GMO development. 


In vaccine discovery, metagenomics helps identify the causative organism and follow its growth and mutation trajectory.

What Can You Do?

Explore the Unknown

Identify your organism with a metagenomics dataset that grows as microbial references increase.

Outbreak Surveillance

Fill a critical need in public health: infectious agent monitoring.

Monitor Microbiomes

Find out what organisms are affecting health and the environment.

Improve Crops

Create resilient crops that adapt to changing climates and improve food security.

Tools for Metagenomics

16S/ITS Amplicon Sequencing
  • Best for:
    Identifying the taxonomy of the bacteria and fungi population within a sample by sequencing the hypervariable regions of the prokaryotic rRNA 16S gene and ITS gene

  • Benefits:
    A fast, affordable method to identify the taxonomic community of bacteria and fungi in environmental specimens

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Shotgun Metagenomics Sequencing
  • Best for:
    Sequence full-length genomes of all microorganisms to survey their composition and function within environmental samples, such as soil, water, or microbiome

  • Benefits:
    A comprehensive method for identifying the identity and potential function of the entire microbial community

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