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Omics Research


Actionable, high-throughput human protein profiles specific to
cardiometabolic, inflammatory, neurological, and oncological disease states.

What Is Proteomics?

Proteomics is the study of all the expressed proteins in an organism (proteome).

This includes the presence or absence of specific proteins and expression levels over time, driven by external stressors, treatments, and/or disease state progression.


Why Is Studying Proteomics Important?

Protein expression is directly associated with the potential for disease, its manifestation, and reversion to a normal state.

As part of a multiomics approach along with genomics and transcriptomics, proteomics provides a much more impactful evaluation of an organism at a systems level and hence will lead to quicker and more fruitful discoveries, while helping to identify key clinical and treatment outcomes.

New technologies are being developed to increase sensitivity and throughput beyond Mass Spec, and this is where Olink® and their Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) comes in.

What Can You Do?

Go Beyond Mass Spec

When high throughput and low hands-on time are critical, characterize proteins using Olink® methodologies


Identify Proteomes

Apply the power of NGS sequencing to characterize and quantitate the totality of proteins in your sample


Disease Research

Profile biomarkers in various disease states for both research and therapeutics developments


One-Sample Multiomics

Evaluate gene and protein expression content from a single sample

We're Olink® Certified!

We are a certified service provider for Olink® Explore, Explore HT, Target, Flex, and Focus panels. To learn more about our certifications, visit the Olink® service provider website.

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Psomagen Inc.

Olink® Proteomics Tools

Olink® Explore HT

High throughput biomarker discovery for over 5,400 proteins. With 99.5% specificity, Explore HT is an industry leader for protein biomarker research.

Olink® Explore

Actionable, high-throughput human protein profiles specific to cardiometabolic, inflammatory, neurological, and oncological disease states.

  1. Inflammation / Inflammation II
  2. Cardiometabolic / Cardiometabolic II
  3. Neurology / Neurology II
  4. Oncology / Oncology II

We offer full-scale screening of Olink's entire library of 3072 validated protein assays using Olink Explore. Olink Explore consists of eight individual 384 protein panels. Your samples can be assessed by individual panel, 1536 (four panels), or 3072 (all eight panels) proteins.

Olink® Target 96 & Target 48

The Olink® Target 96 protein biomarker panel assays screen 92 different proteins focused specific disease areas and other important biological processes.

Use Olink® Target panels to improve disease detection, enabling faster, better-informed decisions in human protein biomarker research.

Your sample's relative protein expression is determined using PEA to deliver a qPCR readout.

  1. Cardiometabolic
  2. Cardiovascular II
  3. Cardiovascular III
  4. Cell Regulation
  5. Development
  6. Immune Response
  7. Immuno-Oncology
  8. Inflammation
  9. Metabolism
  10. Mouse Exploratory
  11. Neurology
  12. Neuro Exploratory
  13. Oncology II
  14. Oncology III
  15. Organ Damage

The Olink® Target 48 Cytokine panel consist of 45 cytokine biomarkers that can be evaluated by relative or absolute quantification. They are ideal for inflammation-related studies.

Olink® Focus 21 Custom Panels

When you need a very specific set of proteins not covered by Olink's existing panels, Olink® Focus 21 allows you to design your own panel.

Using Olink's resources and validated PEA technology, you can create an extremely targeted panel of 21 proteins on a qPCR platform for your disease indication of interest.

Olink® Flex Panels

Choose from 200 inflammation related proteins to design your Olink® Flex panel. Like Olink® Focus, you can choose up to 21 proteins or you can select one for several pre-made templates, including immuno-oncology, cytokine storm, or interferon (IFN) stimulation. You can analyze your protein quantity via relative quantitation (NPX) or absolute quantitation (pg/mL).

Selection of proteins simple with the Olink® Flex panel builder.

Proximity Extension Assay (PEA)

The cornerstone of Olink® platforms is the Proximity Extension Assay (PEA). You can use PEA to determine Normalized Protein Expression (NPX) values with either an NGS or a qPCR readout.

Proteomics Best Practices

Sample Randomization

Remove the guesswork from proteomic analysis! Psomagen provides a complete guide for randomization and submission of samples to our lab for processing.

Randomization within and across plates is critical to ensure sample variables are unbiased.

Sample Types

Plasma and serum are fully validated sample types evaluated for protein quantitation via Explore.

Other biological fluids, as well as tissue and cell lysates, are also suited for analysis.

Data Delivery

Normalized Protein Expression (NPX) value and Certificate of Analysis

We're Ready for Your Order!

Here's what to expect in your project's life cycle. If you have a question during sequencing, it's easy to get in touch!


Request a Consultation

Create an account through our client portal and get in touch with your local field team to start designing a project.

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QC and Data Delivery

All Psomagen sequencing projects come with a built-in QC step to ensure you get the information you need. An account manager will update you on your project's progress in a timely manner.

You can also see some project information and securely view all valid reports on the client portal site.

Why Our Clients Choose Psomagen


Superior Data Quality

Exceeds manufacturer benchmarks


Fast Turnaround

Starting at one week for sequencing projects


US-Based Processing

Sequencing and customer support in Rockville, MD


Ph.D. Level Support

Expert assistance every step of the way, with real-time project updates through our online system


Automated Workflows

Increase scalability and improve reproducibility


CLIA-Certified, CAP-Accredited Labs

Clinical research options available (inquire for more information)


Complete Sequencing Solutions

From extraction to data analysis, with many sample types accepted

Customer Publications

A non-conserved p33 protein of Citrus tristeza virus interacts with multiple viral partners
Sequential single cell transcriptional and protein marker profiling reveals TIGIT as a marker of CD19 CAR-T cell dysfunction in patients with non-Hodgkin lymphoma
Mechanism of Viral Glycoprotein Targeting by Membrane-Associated RING-CH Proteins
PSO Multiomic!

How multiomic is your approach? See how proteomics can dovetail with genomics and transcriptomics for powerful insights.