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Single-Cell Sequencing

Advance gene expression research in delta, tissues, or cell populations with Psomagen’s single-cell sequencing (SCS) technologies from 10x Genomics®.

Let's Talk About SCS


What is Single-Cell Sequencing?

Single-cell sequencing interrogates individual cells, specifically the transcriptomes within a heterogeneous cellular environment.


Single-cell RNA sequencing allows researchers to examine the small complexities of each region of the transcriptome.


Why is Single-Cell Sequencing Important?


With optimized NGS single-cell sequencing technologies, researchers can investigate cellular functions to better understand cell-to-cell differentiation, cell lineage relationships, and disease evolution.


Single-cell sequencing can also help in the discovery of potential biomarkers and drug targets as well as analysis of rare cell types.

What Can You Do?

3’ and 5’ Gene Expression

Depending on the experimental targets, choose from several options for analyzing a single cell’s RNA.

Charactarize Cell Differences

Find tissue and tumor heterogeneity that can impact the effectiveness of drugs and the rarity of transcripts.

Offer Precision Medicine

Introduce new ways to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease on a personal level.

Obtain Multi-Dimensional Readouts

Access Next GEM-based technology, which uses advanced microfluidics to perform multiplexed molecular barcoding and single-cell partitioning.

10x Genomics

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  • 3’ Gene Expression
  • 5’ Gene Expression
  • Immune Profiling
  • Multiome ATAC + Gene Expression*
  • ATAC*

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Single-Cell Sequencing Workflows From 10x Genomics®

3' or 5’ Gene Expression
  • Best for:
    Profiling the entire transcriptome of individual cells from a heterogeneous population

  • Benefits:
    Single-cell RNA expression levels provide insight into a cell subpopulation’s contribution to overall expression as well as the impact of cellular level mutation and rare transcript abundance

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ATAC Sequencing
  • Best for:
    Assessing the availability of chromatin for interaction with proteins, namely transcription factors, at a single-cell level using the assay for transposase accessible chromatin

  • Benefits:
    Determine the prevalence of subpopulations and their overall impact on a heterogeneous cell sample – a critical area of regulatory pathway discovery

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Multiome ATAC Seq
(With 3’ Gene Expression)
  • Best for:
    scATAC sequencing coupled with single-cell 3’ gene expression from the same cell, for solving research and discovery problems at a systems biology level

  • Benefits:
    A multiomics approach to decipher what gene expression is occurring and determine how the structure of that DNA may regulate that expression. 

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Immune Profiling
(With or Without Gene Expression)
  • Best for:
    Studying the variability, differences, and recombination in individual B cells and T cells to investigate the diversity of antibodies in the adaptive immune system

  • Benefits:
    Understanding these rearrangements along with 5’ gene expression from the same cell provides a multi-omic approach to understanding the complex world of immunology and discovering new targets for disease treatment

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