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Sanger Sequencing

Get the “gold standard” of sequencing from a US-based lab with 18 years of genomics experience. Formerly Macrogen USA, Psomagen offers quick turnaround times, quality results, and decades of industry experience. Our staff is well-trained and ready to help with your next sequencing project.

What Is Sanger Sequencing?

Sanger Sequencing—also known as capillary electrophoresis sequencing (CES)—is the oldest proven process of sequencing regions of DNA by using oligonucleotide primers and chain termination.

It is commonly selected to sequence polymerase chain reaction (PCR) products, plasmid DNA, and bacterial artificial chromosomes (BACs).


Why Is Studying Sanger Sequencing Important?

The original sequencing method preceding next-generation sequencing (NGS), Sanger sequencing is useful as a low-cost, high accuracy method for interrogating small DNA regions in a limited number of samples.


How Is Sanger Sequencing Used?

Sanger sequencing meets many research and clinical needs. With Psomagen, you can conduct any of the sequencing projects listed below, or contact a customer service specialist to design a custom project. Our experts can help you get the results you need, with the support to interpret your data.

What Can You Do?

Confirm Clones

Verify correct insertion and orientation into plasmid and bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) backbones.


Use Capillary Electrophoresis

Get quicker, more accurate services via automated capillary electrophoresis sequencing (CES).


Access Sequencing Expertise

Enlist Psomagen’s expert help as needed before, during, and after service.


Get Simplified Ordering

Learn how Psomagen’s barcode-based ordering system reduces form fills.

Technologies Used for Sanger Sequencing

Plasmid and PCR Product Sequencing

  • Detect the presence or absence of a target sequence in PCR products
  • Use PCR prior to Sanger sequencing to create multiple copies of the sequence, making it easier to generate tagged fragments
  • Determine identity and order of sequence by using primers targeting the plasmid backbone or insert sequence
  • Available for Psomagen's EZ-Seq pre-order service

Difficult Region Sequencing

  • Sequence DNA regions that have been historically difficult to sequence
  • Understand areas with high GC or GT, unusual secondary structure, repetitive sequence, pseudogenes, siRNA with hairpin structure, and homopolymeric tracts (PolyA, PolyG)

Microbial Identification

  • Amplify and sequence bacterial, viral, and fungal samples
  • Identify antibiotic resistance and virulence in pathogenic samples
  • Sequence 16S, 18S, and 28S ribosomal RNA (rRNA), as well as ITS regions

Primer Walking

  • Verify template sequences where little information is known using client-provided primers or Psomagen’s primer design service
  • Close gaps between unlinked contigs and increase read length by 800 bps per walk


  • Sequence DNA within sections of the genome, particularly those that contribute to phenotype
  • Identify SNPs and analyze relevant genomic regions

Rolling Circle Amplification (Direct Colony Sequencing)

  • Directly sequence bacterial or fungal colony samples
  • Amplify very small amounts of double- or single-stranded DNA templates
  • Eliminate the need for plasmid preparation
You Can Do More with Sanger!
Genomic DNA Extraction
SNP Validation
Validations (CLIA/Research Use)
PCR Amplification
Plasmid Purification
Enzymatic PCR Product Identification
Fragment Analysis
Primer Design & Synthesis
RNA Sequencing (cDNA Synthesis)
Variant Reports (CLIA/Research Use)
Bacterial and Fungal Identification

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We've Got the Right Option For You!

Whether you're looking to send premixed samples, choose a standard primer, or create your own project, we can help.

Standard Sequencing

Standard Sanger sequencing service is the perfect choice for PCR products, plasmids, and BACs. Our state-of-the-art robotics and instrumentation deliver fast turnaround times, quality results, and competitive pricing.

WIth over 100 locations on the east coast, samples are promptly received at one of our US-based laboratories. High quality data can be downloaded via our secure client portal.

EZ-Seq (barcoding)

Save time with our EZ-Seq service. Purchase pre-printed barcodes, mix your sample and primer before submission, and get results fast.

Skip the data input process of an order form. Data is reported out by tube/plate barcode and position.

Custom Sequencing

Customizing your sequencing services gives you the freedom to select primer sets and additional sequencing technologies, like primer design and synthesis, NGS validations, and fragment analysis.

Earn Free Sanger Sequencing Reactions!

We have special deals for new customers, and ways to earn when your colleagues order (hooray to FREE reactions)!

Sanger Sequencing Best Practices

Sample Types

  • Plasmid/BAC/Cosmid
  • PCR products
  • Premixed samples with primers
  • gDNA
  • Bacterial cultures in agar plate or glycerol
  • Fungal samples in agar plate or glycerol
  • Tissue samples on FTA card

Sample Requirements

  • Microcentrifuge tubes
  • Strip tubes
  • 96-well plates

Sample Submission Options

  • Courier pickup
  • FedEx or UPS
  • Direct drop-off at one of our three lab locations
  • Sample dropbox near you

Turnaround Time

16 to 24 hours*

*For standard sequencing and EZ-Seq services. Custom projects, contact us.

Read Length

Up to 1200 bp per single extension


Looking for a Sample Dropbox Near You?

We have over 100 dropbox locations along the east coast.
If those don't work for you, use our Sanger sequencing form.

Why Our Clients Choose Psomagen


Superior Data Quality

Exceeds manufacturer benchmarks


Fast Turnaround

Starting at one week for sequencing projects


US-Based Processing

Sequencing and customer support in Rockville, MD


Ph.D. Level Support

Expert assistance every step of the way, with real-time project updates through our online system


Automated Workflows

Increase scalability and improve reproducibility


CLIA-Certified, CAP-Accredited Labs

Clinical research options available (inquire for more information)


Complete Sequencing Solutions

From extraction to data analysis, with many sample types accepted

Quotes From Our Clients

I've been using their sequencing services for ten years - still going back! Shipment is fast, instructions for preparing sample plates are clear, handling by technicians and communication by Psomagen is well-done.


Botanical Research Institute

I chose Psomagen because of the price and US-based labs. We've used Psomagen before and were very satisfied. The people were responsive and helpful and the work done was very good.


University Research Laboratory

I have used Psomagen for sequencing my clones for a site-directed mutagenesis screen. I enjoy the speed of delivery and the fact that I get my results before I wake up the next day. Customer care is present to answer all questions and is quick to resolve issues. I believe this is value for the money.

Biomedical Scientist

Rutgers University

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Sanger Sequencing in Action

Association of SNPs in the PAI1 Gene with Disease Recurrence and Clinical Outcome in Bladder Cancer
Genomic-based microsatellite development for Ternstroemia (Pentaphylacaceae) and transferability to other Ericales
Antifungal In Vitro Activity of Phoradendron sp. Extracts on Fungal Isolates from Tomato Crop