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Sanger Sequencing

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Let's Talk About Sanger Sequencing

What is Sanger Sequencing?

Sanger Sequencing is the oldest proven process of sequencing regions of DNA by using oligonucleotide primers and chain termination. 


It is commonly selected to sequence polymerase chain reaction (PCR) products, plasmid DNA, and bacterial artificial chromosomes (BAC).

Why is Studying Sanger Sequencing Important?


The original sequencing method preceding NGS, Sanger sequencing is still useful as a low-cost, high accuracy method for interrogating small DNA regions in a limited number of samples.

What Can You Do?

Confirm Clones

Verify correct insertion and orientation into plasmid and bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) backbones.

Use Capillary Electrophoresis

Get quicker, more accurate services via automated capillary electrophoresis sequencing (CES).

Access Sequencing Expertise

Enlist Psomagen’s expert help as needed before, during, and after service.

Get Simplified Ordering

Learn how Psomagen’s barcode-based ordering system reduces form fills.

Tools for Sanger Sequencing

Standard Sanger Sequencing
  • Best for:
    Successfully sequencing samples (premixed or as separate template/primer) including PCR products, plasmids, and BACs in single tubes or 96-well plates

  • Benefits: 
    State-of-the-art robotics and instrumentation deliver fast turnaround times, quality results, and competitive pricing

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Custom Sanger Sequencing
  • Best for: 
    Projects such as 16S rRNA and primer walking

  • Benefits
    Thanks to 20 years of know-how, a large genomics facility, and advanced DNA sequencing technology (ABI 3730s), you get high-quality sequencing data for projects, large and small

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EZ-Seq Sample Labeling
  • Best for:
    Simplifying your DNA sequencing order for premixed samples.

  • Benefits:
    Pre-paid, barcode label-based ordering system means you can get rapid processing and data generation without inputting lines and lines of information on an order form

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Step One Sanger, Step Two NGS

While Sanger sequencing is tried and true, some projects require the massively parallel sequencing provided by our NGS offerings.

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