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Plant & Animal Genome Conference

When it's happening:
January 13-18, 2023
San Diego, California


Who is attending: 

Hobin Lim, Regional Sales Manager




American Association of Cancer Research Annual Meeting

When it's happening:
April 14-19, 2023


Where to find us:
Booth 2468




American Society of Human Genetics Annual Meeting

When it's happening:
November 1-5, 2023


Where to find us:
Booth 915




Screen Shot 2022-09-09 at 4.38.16 PM


Genomics Unmuted

When it's happening:
September 28, 2022
12:00 EST


Join us as we partner with Gencove for their Genomics Unmuted webinar series. You'll hear from Karrah Findley, the Gencove Head of Partner Services, as well as Carrie Ziemniak, Psomagen's Business Development Manager.


Hear these two leaders discuss how you can get cost-effective, high-throughput whole genome sequencing and analysis with Gencove and Psomagen.  


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You’re PSO There!

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