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Clinical Services

Our CLIA-certified, CAP-Accredited labs are ready to help you get the information you need. See how sequencing technologies can help your diagnostic, treatment, and prognostic efforts. 

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Clinical at Psomagen

Whether you're exploring novel signatures of disease or searching for specific biomarkers, we have options for your human samples.

Clinical Genetic Testing

Genetic tests can identify changes in genes, chromosomes, or proteins that contribute to disease pathogenesis. Our panels provide targeted screening options applicable to prenatal testing; cancer risk screenings; cardiac, kidney, or neuropsychological conditions; and more. 

Whole-Genome Sequencing

WGS is the preferred method to identify chromosome abnormalities through copy number variations and other structural variations. It is an ideal tool for finding rare or previously undiscovered genetic variants that contribute to disease states. 

Whole-Exome Sequencing

Analyze the ~2% of the genome that is responsible for approximately 85% of disease-causing variants. WES is a good choice for maximizing your budget while covering most known targets. 

Sanger Sequencing

Get the gold standard of sequencing when you use Sanger services through Psomagen. Sanger sequencing is a low-cost, high-accuracy option for small DNA regions. 

Custom Collaborations

Get in touch with us to see how we can help answer your unique question! Our clinical lab is ready to design the right workflow for you.