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Let's Talk About Microarrays

What is Microarray Analysis?

Microarray is a multiplex genomics approach that targets and quantifies specific genes by hybridizing the nucleic acid to a chip and providing an output of genotyping data on a genome-wide scale.


Why is Microarray Analysis Important?


This advanced process enables research teams to examine gene expression and quantify disease-related mutations caused by cancer and other illnesses. 


Applications include: development of more accurate disease detection methods & diagnoses, individualized treatment planning, and polygenic risk scoring (PRS) used in epidemiology.

What Can You Do?

Detect Disease

Develop and test new methods for detecting diseases earlier.

Identify Changing Gene Expression

Compare diseased to normal patients to determine gene expression effects.

Track Treatment Response

Monitor efficacy of therapeutic administration through gene expression.

Improve Cost-Effectiveness

Use arrays as a great alternative to sequencing when you are only interested in a subset of genes.

Tools for Microarray Analysis

llumina® iScanTM System Array Scanning
  • Best for:
    Microarray interrogation using Illumina Infinium BeadArray™ products 

  • Benefits:
    Excellent tool for assay genotyping, copy number variation (CNV) analysis, and DNA methylation

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Clinical Microarray Validation
  • Best for:
    Evaluating existing or custom genomics microarrays for lab-developed test (LDT) validation

  • Benefits:
    CLIA certified

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