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Whole Plasmid Sequencing

A new, low-cost sequencing platform that retains Sanger sequencing's industry-leading turnaround time.

What Is Whole Plasmid Sequencing?

With the help of cutting-edge, long-read sequencing technologies, whole plasmid seq allows for the complete sequencing of a plasmid with accuracy and efficiency. This technique does not require primers. 


Why Is Whole Plasmid Sequencing Important?


With whole plasmid sequencing, research goes beyond the scope of what's possible for Sanger sequencing. Rather than examining a small, specific area of the plasmid, whole plasmid sequencing gets the full picture. This opens the door to additional insights and research opportunities. 

What Can You Do?

Maximize Your Budget

Faster and lower cost than standard primer walking service.

Visualize the Entire Plasmid

Attain accurate and reliable confirmation of plasmid sequences.

New & Improved Technology

Use the newest V14 chemistry and updated R10.4.1 Nanopore flow cell to provide the highest accuracy.

Whole Plasmid Best Practices

Sample Prep

Sample Type: Plasmid DNA

Length: Up to 30 kb (if larger than 30 kb, contact us)

Concentration: 50 ng/µl

Volume: Minimum 15 µl

Purity (A260/280): 1.8 – 2.0

Data Delivery

16 to 24 business hour turnaround time

Results delivered in FASTA (consensus data) FASTQ (raw data) format

We're Ready for Your Order!

Here's what to expect in your project's life cycle. If you have questions during sequencing, it's easy to get in touch!

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3. Submit Your Samples

See How It Works! 

Get a free whole plasmid sequencing sample with your first WPS order. 

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Why Our Customers Choose Psomagen

Superior Data Quality

Exceeds manufacturer benchmarks

Fast Turnaround

16 to 24 hours for WPS

US-Based Processing

Sequencing and customer support in Rockville, MD

Ph.D. Level Support

Expert assistance every step of the way, with real-time project updates through our online system

Automated Workflows

Increase scalability and improve reproducibility

CLIA-Certified, CAP-Accredited Labs

Clinical research options available (inquire for more information)

Complete Sequencing Solutions

From extraction to data analysis, with many data types accepted


PSO Multiomic!

How multiomic is your approach? See how our service offerings can work together for research like never before.

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