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Let's Talk About Genomics

What is Genomics?


Genomics is the study of gene sequence and expression. 


Ongoing advancements in sequencing and profiling techniques enable life science professionals to understand how genes are expressed and interact with the environment and proteins.


Why is Studying Genomics Important?


Genomics has revolutionized modern research, drug discovery, patient profiling, animal and agricultural science, and therapeutic administration.


It benefits all fields of biological research, especially in oncology, neurology, cardiovascular, and pulmonary indications, and makes precision medicine possible.

What Can You Do?

Identify Basis of Disease

Compare normal and diseased populations to find targets for therapeutic research.

Map Gene Regulation

Determine not only sequence but also interactive regulatory information.

Explore the Whole Genome

With massively parallel next-generation sequencing, you can get all the information at once. 

Offer Precision Medicine

Introduce new ways to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease on a personalized level.

Genomics Methods

Whole-Genome Sequencing
  • Best for:
    Insight into the entire DNA sequence, both coding and noncoding regions for basic research, drug discovery,  or clinical use.

  • Benefits:

    Rapid, accurate CAP/CLIA or RUO whole-genome NGS provides the widest coverage

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Whole-Exome Sequencing
  • Best for:
    Sequencing the 2% of the whole genome that accounts for 85% of known, disease-related genetic variants

  • Benefits:
    Efficient, cost-effective way to identify rare genetic variations and improve diagnostic testing

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Targeted Sequencing
  • Best for:
    Sequencing distinct genetic regions of interest rather than the whole genome

  • Benefits:
    In-depth, selective sequencing yields specific insights cost-effectively

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Sanger Sequencing
  • Best for:
    Sequencing small DNA regions in a limited number of samples, such as PCR products, plasmid DNA, and BACs

  • Benefits:
    Rapid, highly accurate sequencing that is supported by experts and competitively priced

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