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Sample Preparation and Shipping

  • → How do I submit a sample to Psomagen for sequencing services?

  • → Does Psomagen cover the cost of shipping for my samples?

  • → How long are samples stored at Psomagen?

  • → How does Psomagen accept payment for sequencing services?

Sample Extraction

  • → Can I send EDTA tubes?

  • → What are the sample requirements for genomic DNA extraction from human cells/peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs)?

  • → Can Psomagen process low-quality DNA and RNA extracted from difficult sample types for next-generation sequencing?

  • → Do you accept extracted nucleic acid from infectious viruses?

Library Preparation and Sequencing

  • → What are the sample requirements for individual library pools? Which concentrations can I pool and what diluent should I use?

  • → Can we pool different library types together to be run on the same sequencing flow cell lane?

  • → What library preparation kit is used for CLIA whole-genome sequencing?

  • → What quality control (QC) measures are employed on libraries before sequencing?

Bioinformatics and Data Delivery

  • → What happens at the data transfer step?

  • → Can we perform bioinformatic analysis on fungi whole-genome data analysis (mapping, variant calling, and annotation)?

  • → Can Psomagen provide alternative splicing analysis for splicing changes from RNA-Seq data?

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