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Targeted Sequencing

Drill down on your human, mouse, rat and other non-human target genetic sequence with amplicon and hybrid capture techniques. 

Let's Talk About Targeted Sequencing

What is Targeted Sequencing?

Targeted sequencing is a methodology whereby distinct genomic regions of interest of the organism you’re studying are captured or selected for deeper sequencing depth.


The primary processes used include amplicon sequencing and hybrid capture.


Why is Targeted Sequencing Important?

For scientists only interested in certain regions of the genome, targeted sequencing is more efficient and cost-effective than whole-genome sequencing and can yield specific, in-depth insights. 


It can detect disease-related variants, inherited germline mutations, and CRISPR gene editing events. It can also target well-characterized variants within exons and methylation regions, as well as low-frequency variants.

What Can You Do?

Find Regions of High Interest

Pinpoint the exact region of nucleic acid that can efficiently unlock the answers you seek.

Use Multiple Methodologies

Choose the best enrichment strategy — hybrid capture, amplicon, or custom — for your target region.

Discover Disease Variants

A targeted approach and deeper sequencing depth make it easier to identify variants.

Precision Medicine

Introduce new ways to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease on a personal level.

Tools for Targeted Sequencing

Amplicon Sequencing
  • Best for:
    PCR amplification to target specific regions of interest in conjunction with the standard library preparation for NGS

  • Benefits:
    Easy-to-implement approach for smaller inputs of DNA — a cost-effective, off-the-shelf or custom genotyping method

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Capture Based Panels (Hybrid-Capture)
  • Best for:
    Target enrichment using biotinylated oligonucleotide baits or probes to pull down your region of interest. 

  • Benefits:
    Scalable to almost an unlimited number of targets per panel, enabling greater sequencing complexity and uniformity 

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Custom Targeted Sequencing
  • Best for:
    Efficient enrichment for known, discovery-generated targets or hotspots when off-the-shelf options don’t apply.

  • Benefits:
    Easy-to-use custom design options from vendors such as IDT, Agilent, and Twist Bioscience enable both amplicon sequencing and hybrid capture-based sequencing

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