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See what you discover with the ultimate systems biology tool. Uncover mechanisms at the level of organs, tissues, cells, and sub-cellular structures. 

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What Is Spatial Biology?

Spatial biology is the analysis of cells within their native tissue environments.


This can be a single RNA or protein visualized on the tissue or mapping of the subcellular coordinates of every RNA transcript and protein within the individual cells that make up the tissue.


Why Is Spatial Biology Important?


Understanding the programs that are operating in each cell and being able to compare that to neighboring cells has far reaching implications for health and disease. Knowing what defines a healthy cell and tracking changes in its transcriptome and proteome while it progresses to a diseased state is leading to the development of new clinical diagnostics and therapeutics.


The newest technologies are so specific and sensitive that every single mRNA or protein can be located inside its cell within its tissue. For example, the 10X Genomics Xenium can even distinguish between different splice variants of the same mRNA.

What Can You Do?

Systems Biology

Map cell-to-cell relationships in multiple dimensions.

Disease Research

Identify novel biomarkers and potential therapeutic targets. Illuminate mechanisms of action or delivery efficiency.


Combine transcriptomics, proteomics, and spatial biology to generate a reference atlas for future research. 

Xenium Panels with a CSP

10x Genomics Xenium panels are predesigned, validated, and curated to identify and characterize cells from human or mouse samples. Off-the-shelf panels are ready to ship. You can add up to 100 custom targets to any panel with 10X Genomics’ expert guidance.

As a 10x Genomics Certified Service Provider, Psomagen labs have the training and experience to help you explore: 

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Spatial Biology Best Practices

Sample Types

A wide variety of sample types are suitable for spatial analysis. Whether starting from fresh frozen tissue in a tube or formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded sections dried onto Xenium slides, high quality spatial data is achievable.

Data Delivery

Standard report includes H&E QC images, decoded data containing cell clusters, transcripts per cell, and differential gene expression. 

Free H&E with Your First Order

For a limited time, Psomagen customers receive free H&E staining when they make their first order on the 10x Genomics Xenium Analyzer. Dive into spatial analysis with a precise view of cellular components.

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New to Spatial Biology?

Experimental design in a new area like spatial biology can be challenging. Take advantage of expert resources to plan for success. 

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Long-Read Sequencing

Experience long reads and exceptional accuracy with the PacBio Revio. HiFi sequencing provides all the information you need about a genome — with just one run and no additional treatments.

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Single-Cell Sequencing

Advance your gene expression research in suspensions, biological fluids, tissues, or cell populations.

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