Psomagen, Inc. Expands Precision Genomics Capabilities with 10x Genomics’ Single Cell Sequencing Technologies

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ROCKVILLE, MD — February 23, 2021 — Psomagen, Inc., a US-based genetic sequencing and data analysis service provider, is proud to expand its next-generation sequencing capabilities to include end-to-end single-cell sequencing (SCS) services. These services, which include gene expression and single-cell immune profiling, are powered by the Chromium platform and Next GEM-based technology from 10x Genomics, a life science technology company building products to interrogate, understand, and master biology.

“Our mission is to support research that focuses on human health from a genetics perspective,” said Ryan Kim, Chief Executive Officer, at Psomagen. “We’re doing so by mastering laboratory applications — such as single-cell sequencing — and by making such technologies and our expertise accessible and affordable for our clients.”

Today, SCS is being used to help scientists better understand the mechanisms of infection and immune response at the level of an individual cell. That knowledge is important because it helps us learn how to better prevent and treat diseases like COVID-19, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and more.  

Psomagen’s SCS team is building on the company’s long-standing genomics expertise, handling the entire study workflow for its clients — from sample clean up and quality control to library preparation, sequencing, and analysis of complex cell populations. In less than three weeks, Psomagen’s clients have results and the detailed molecular insights they need to answer even the most complicated research questions.  

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