Psomagen Employee Spotlight: Take Ogawa

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Happy one-year “Psoma-versary” Take! Thank you for your commitment to Psomagen as our commercial leader, taking our Genomic Services and DTC At-Home Testing businesses to the next level.  



After working at Psomagen for one year, what developments will you strive for to better serve your customers? 


“Most companies focus on either B2B or DTC models, but not both. Psomagen’s unique synergy between being a lab and being consumer-driven allows us to fill a different niche. Through the investment in our people and resources, we will continue this synergy, allowing both businesses to grow.

Our direct-to-consumer at-home testing services will start a new chapter. We will evolve for our customers by using a two-pronged approach: supporting basic research and discovery work and applying this knowledge to our packaged testing services for the regular American consumer.”


What is unique about Psomagen’s company dynamic, working environment, and company ethos?


“Despite its 15 years of history, Psomagen has the attitude of a start-up, with leadership hungry for something new. It also has diversity. Psomagen came from a South Korean background, but looking at our employees, you see so much cultural diversity. I have a mixed background myself so I see this as a company strength.

And our company ethos? Psomagen understands the fundamentals of science but brings the workings of our labs to people’s daily lives. We always ask ourselves how we impact lives and how we can make ourselves accessible to everyone. We want to help everyone make better decisions for their health.”


What led you to take on the position as Psomagen’s CCO?


“I was a consultant for iGenomX, working on the commercialization of their very first product. Psomagen was an iGenomX customer, so I was already familiar with the company. Ryan Kim, Psomagen’s CEO, and I have worked together for over a decade, in different capacities and frequently meet at conferences.

We started a dialogue about expanding Psomagen’s commercial team – Ryan wanted to revamp the company. I already knew Psomagen’s business model so we wanted to move away from the status quo with fresh perspectives and new commercial strategies.”


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