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Omics Research

Next-Generation Sequencing

Explore and make groundbreaking discoveries in the fields of genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics.

What Is Next-Generation Sequencing?

Next-generation sequencing moves beyond what's possible for Sanger sequencing with massively parallel, high-throughput technology. The development of this technology has made it faster, more affordable, and more accessible for accurate profiling of the genome, transcriptome, or proteome.

Whether you're exploring methylation, DNA-protein interactions, genetic variants, RNA splicing, or the microbiome, there's an NGS tool for you!


Why Is NGS Important?

Cost-effective NGS has aided research and clinical applications, particularly when we have no prior knowledge about the sample. NGS makes it possible to analyze genomes at a new level that enhances the capabilities of scientific research. 

What Can You Do?

Get High-Throughput Results

Read more DNA base pairs in less time and at a lower cost than with Sanger sequencing. 


Identify Basis of Disease

Compare normal and diseased populations to find targets for therapeutic research.


Investigate Biology at Multiple Levels

Explore elements of the genome, transcriptome, or proteome for the insights your project needs. 


Develop Therapeutics

Identify disease biomarkers and gain valuable insights for translational research. 

Next-Generation Sequencing Applications at Psomagen

Whole-Genome Sequencing

Gain a comprehensive view of the entire genome, enabling the discovery of novel genomic variants (SVs, SNVs, InDels, CNVs). WGS is ideal for basic research, drug discovery, cancer research, or clinical settings. Short- and long-read options available so you can use the perfect fit for your product. 

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Whole-Exome Sequencing

Analyze the ~2% of the genome containing 85% of known disease-causing variants. A cost-effective option for projects interested in identifying important genetic variations and researching disease.

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RNA Sequencing

Discover, profile or quantify RNA transcription to understand gene expression, interactions and pathways.  Transcriptomics capabilities at Psomagen include:

  • Single-cell sequencing
  • mRNA sequencing
  • Total RNA sequencing
  • Small RNA sequencing

Bisulfite Sequencing

Epigenomic tools allow you to dive into methylation status quickly and accurately. Analyze CpG sites, as well as CpG, CHG, and CHH changes. Psomagen's offerings include: 

  • Whole genome bisulfite sequencing (WGBS)
  • Reduced representation bisulfite sequencing (RRBS) 


Discover novel disease biomarkers, monitor disease progression, identify new drug targets. Olink Explore highplex assays readout via NGS.


Analyze genomes or microbial diversity within an environmental sample. Dig into bacterial, fungal, and viral genomes. Whether identifying a sample's species or searching for therapeutic targets, metagenomic technologies can make it possible! Psomagen offers: 

  • 16S/ITS amplicon sequencing
  • Shotgun metagenomic sequencing
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Why Our Clients Choose Psomagen


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