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Psomagen and Olink® Proteomics Featured in Business Trends

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Psomagen and Olink® Proteomics Featured in Business Trends


The new partnership between Psomagen and Olink® Proteomics was featured in Business Trends in their 106th edition. In the article, the author describes why this partnership is important, and how the use of Olink technology allows Psomagen to offer proteomic analysis and a more exhaustive set of omics services.


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Proteomic analysis services

Psomagen is now a provider of two major Olink services:

  • Olink Explore, which can measure up to 3,072 human protein biomarkers related to cardiometabolism, inflammation, neurology, and oncology.
  • Target 48 panels, which measure 45 critical cytokines for either normalized or absolute quantitation. 
  • Target 96 panels, which measure for protein biomarkers related to cell regulation, immune response, inflammation, metabolism, organ damage, and much more.  

Both services make use of Olink PEA (Proximity Extension Assay) technology, which makes it possible to: 

  • Discover protein biomarkers
  • Analyze high throughput data
  • Make connections between genomes and phenotypes in research
  • Conduct multiplex analysis from small sample volumes

Application of proteomics in medicine 

This partnership opens the door for new capabilities in precision medicine and drug research. Because Psomagen already offers transcriptomics, genomics, and epigenomics, adding a proteomic analysis service makes the company a more affordable, comprehensive option for drug developers and multiomics researchers.

In the past, researchers had to piece together the methods they needed, often working with more than one service provider. A partnership like this one enables researchers to obtain genomic and proteomic insights from the same sample.

To learn more about the partnered services Psomagen and Olink Proteomics provide, read the full Business Trends article below. You can also take a look at the Proteomics Services page on our website.


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