Macrogen (now Psomagen) Provides Patient-Specific Interpretation for the Launch of New Clinical Next-Generation Sequencing Panels

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Macrogen (now Psomagen) has recently partnered with N-of-One, a leader in clinical interpretation, with the goal of delivering high-level clinical interpretation for its newly launched clinical next-generation sequencing panels. N-of-One enables laboratories to save time and money while scaling their molecular diagnostics programs. It also provides therapeutic options to client organizations for thousands of cancer patient cases.

With this partnership, Macrogen’s Next Generation Sequencing technology not only makes it possible to process, sequence, and analyze large volumes of genes and long strands of genetic code, but also provides individualized treatments plans, that now, can also be accessed.

Among the benefits of this partnership:


Macrogen Can Provide Patient-Specific Analysis

Macrogen’s genomic tests identify specific genes and genetic mutations in a patient’s genome related to major forms of cancer and genetic disease. These highly advanced DNA screenings are now paired with the ability to analyze and identify specific therapeutic options based on an individual patient’s molecular profile. Therapeutic options are prioritized based on molecular and geographical relevance for the patient and include therapies in guidelines, off-label therapies, and the most relevant clinical trials.


Macrogen Enables the Accessibility of Personalized Medicine

With Macrogen’s partnership with N-of-One, they now deliver comprehensive and clear reports to their clients, including therapeutic options suited to each individual patient with information of molecular/clinical relevance. This also enables clinical trials for the rapidly growing number of clinical cancer NGS test results, further strengthening Macrogen’s growth in the clinical setting.


A Partnership In Line with the Macrogen Mission

Macrogen is a CLIA certified laboratory that offers sequencing-based genomic testing services to North American hospitals and patients. N-of-One has provided therapeutic options to client organizations for thousands of patients across hundreds of cancer types. With the integration of the analysis for patient-specific therapeutic options into Macrogen’s Next Generation Sequencing technology, Macrogen maintains its continual focus on incorporating new technologies and evolving its sequencing platforms to deliver the absolute best-quality results in the fastest turnaround time to their researchers, and clinicians, and their patients.