Podcast: Ethical Discussions of Whole-Genome Sequencing

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Should we? These experts answer that question in Part 2 of our Talking Techniques podcast with BioTechniques:

  • David Dimmock
    Senior Medical Director at Rady Children’s Institute of Genomic Medicine
  • Christine Stanley
    Chief Director of Clinical Genomics at Variantyx
  • Take Ogawa
    Chief Commercial Officer at Psomagen


This content was produced in association with Biotechniques, Variantyx, and Rady Children’s Institute of Genomic Medicine.



  • Introductions: 00:00-02:20
  • Gauging public perceptions of routine WGS 02:20-05:40
  • The role of industry in improving WGS accessibility and capabilities: 05:40-07:35
  • The appropriate use of pre-symptomatic and predictive risk findings: 08:00-11:15
  • Debating the discovery of untreatable diseases: 11:15-12:45
  • The impact of data biases in gene sequencing and the lack of gene references for different populations: 12:45-14:45
  • The impact of religion and lifestyle on ethical considerations in the use of WGS data: 14:45-16:00
  • Dealing with unintended findings or results that impact relatives: 16:00-16:45
  • The value of WGS in pharmacogenomic variant findings and challenging the ACMG59 list: 16:45-19:20
  • Striking the balance between fully utilizing WGS for all potential findings and ensuring maximum participation for all groups: 19:20-22:45
  • Filtering data to avoid exclusion: 22:45-24:10
  • Who owns WGS data? 24:10-25:15
  • Consent conversations: 25:15-26:30
  • Final comments: 26:30-27:15


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