Human Whole Genome Sequencing

Psomagen Blog

Whole genome sequencing or full genome sequencing is a field of study that has proven to be quite critical to the average person. The number of discoveries found through sequencing is rapidly growing by the day.


Of the many applications for genome sequencing, one of the largest is for research. This might apply to finding links between certain genes and the susceptibility to having certain illnesses and finding out how to better diagnose a person who is ill. There are many ongoing studies and tests to see if certain genes can be held responsible for a person’s behavior. It has played a critical role in the argument of nature versus nurture.


Lastly, whole genome sequencing would be wonderful as a diagnostic aid. There are certain genes that if mutated could lead to different types of cancer or other terrible diseases. However, when doing whole genome testing, the testing can look of any small alterations that could point toward a disease, and not just one single gene. This could be extremely helpful in finding out if someone was a carrier, as well.


Pharmacogenomics is an area of study that determines the role of genetics in drug response. The outcome of this would be incredible- everyone would be able to have personalized medication and specialized medicinal regimens tailed to their specific needs. Through the use of molecular analysis, everyone could be better treated and it would not rely so much on anecdotal evidence presented to the health care physician.


The best part of all of this exciting news is that it is becoming more and more affordable to have your genes mapped out. At Macrogen Clinical Lab, the cost starts at $1,000. Here, we strongly urge you to join us in finding the best therapies for you, based on your genetic make up. Having peace of mind about your health has never been more affordable or valuable.