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Drug Discovery & Development

RNA Sequencing

Evaluate RNA-based therapies and investigate disease-related RNA changes.

Let's Talk About RNA

What is RNA Sequencing?

Bulk RNA sequencing is the process of discovering, profiling, and quantifying RNA transcripts.

The wide variety of types and roles of RNA necessitate a spectrum of approaches for analyzing them.


Why is Studying RNA Sequencing Important?

RNA transcription is the link between DNA and protein expression.

Studying the RNA present gives scientists insight into the biology of a cell and how changes — alternative splicing events, gene fusions, and allele-specific expression of rare and novel messages — may relate to disease.

What Can You Do?

Quickly Prep RNA

Access the latest technologies for a myriad of library preparation methods.

Perform Expert Isolation

Entrust your samples to our laboratory team with extensive experience in handling highly sensitive RNA species.

Pinpoint Post-Transcriptional Modifications

mRNA sequencing can reveal splice variants, fusions, and mutation events that can occur during and after transcription.

Get High-Quality RNA Data

Rely on our extensive quality control to ensure successful RNA sequencing in terms of accuracy and depth.

Tools for Studying RNA Sequencing

Total RNA Sequencing
  • Best for:
    Accurately measuring the number of genes and transcripts in all coding and non-coding RNA molecules within the transcriptome

  • Benefits:
    A variety of sequencing strategies for RNA species such as messenger RNA (mRNA), transfer RNA (tRNA), long non-coding RNA (lncRNA), and small RNA species unlock insight into the disease state under investigation

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mRNA Sequencing
  • Best for:
    Utilizing the poly-A tail of mRNA transcripts, positively selecting mRNA out of all the background RNA to isolate the coding RNA sequences of actively transcribed genes

  • Benefits:
    Functional analysis of transcriptional regulators in disease and baseline biological processes

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Small RNA Sequencing
  • Best for:
    Targeting and isolating small, non-coding RNA of less than 200 nucleotides, known to regulate transcription

  • Benefits:
    Includes microRNA (miRNA), small interfering RNA (siRNA), piwi-interacting RNA (piRNA), small nuclear RNA (snRNA), small nucleolar RNA (snoRNA), small rDNA-derived RNA (srRNA), and tRNA-derived small RNA (tsRNA)

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Ask our experts about additional RNA technologies and offerings not listed and the possibility of pilot RNA projects.

Single Cell Sequencing

A comprehensive selection of single-cell RNA sequencing and analysis options. Get to know the highly-trained team at Psomagen, a 10x Certified Service Provider (CSP).

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SARS-CoV-2 Variant Surveillance

A better way to track coronavirus variants. To protect public health, choose RNA – Amplicon sequencing and determine variants from various sample types including environmental collection.

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