iGenomX Next Generation Genotyping Paves Way for Mass-Scale Alzheimer’s Research

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iGenomX, in collaboration with MindCrowd, applied their RIPTIDETM library preparation technology to an Alzheimer’s research study cohort. MindCrowd utilizes online-based Paired-Associates Learning (PAL) task programs for Alzheimer’s research that allows for web-based memory assessment of more than 1,000,000 participants. Participants from this assessment phase were criteria selected for DNA samples and genotyped using RIPTIDETM High Throughout Rapid Library Prep (HT-RLP). This method enabled iGenomX researchers to produce 10x the data of standard next-generation genotyping at a fraction of the cost. The combined advantages of internet-based phenotype recruitment and at-home sample collection with RIPTIDETM technology enabled a mass-scale population study to acquire both known and novel genetic associations with Alzheimer’s disease.

For this study, Psomagen sequenced 96 samples per lane on an Illumina NovaSeq S4 flow cell.


Click download below to see the full poster.

Download the iGenomix poster.